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"Calling all BBQ and cooking enthusiast!" My name is Daryl Smith of "Bad Beast Barbecue". I have been grilling and smoking foods for several years. My father had me on the grill out in the yard helping him a at young age. The wife and I are both from Louisiana and love southern food. Our website will be showing techniques in using different types of 

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grills and smokers as well as recipes from down south, some passed to us from generations of family members. Our YouTube channel showcases the latest and greatest BBQ equipment and accessories from companies such as Weber, Recteq, Asmoke and Kenyon Grills just to name a few. We also use cooking appliances such as pressure cookers, slow cookers, roaster ovens and more. So subscribe and join our community as we barbecue, drink some whisky, smoke a few cigars and talk a whole lot of "bullshyt" sitting around the smoker.

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